Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Photos and a Letter

Dear family and friends,

Hey I'm happy you guys have had a good week. We have too out here in Campos. We went on a division with the traveling assistants this week. It was pretty cool. Elder Hall and Elder Leo. I went with Elder Hall. He is cool, he is from utah too. We taught a lot this week and it has also been really hot here in campos but windy.
So I'm enjoying it here, having fun teaching with the members.

This week was Elder Hansen's birthday. So we went out to eat and the members had a surprise party for him. It was pretty hilarious. We are just trying to work as hard as week can right now. We are teaching a girl right now and the people are talking bad about the church to her. i]It bugs me when people say things that aren't true about the church, but it's alright everything will work out.

We went out this morning and got bread for breakfast we are making it a p day tradition. No they didn't have Halloween here. Ya we're going to have a way good Thanksgiving dinner -- rice and beans! Yes i am getting dad's letter. I get a bunch of letters at once, usually when the zone leaders go to Vitoria. But President is coming down next week, so I'll get some then. (The next question is a response to my question -- How are we going to talk at Christmas?) We will talk through Skype and will find out like a week before. I'll tell you through email when I will be able to call you guys. If you want you can make me a Skype account. Name it like Elder Pellegrini.

My clothes aren't falling off me but they are huge on me but it's no big deal. I'm not worried about it. I'm probably going to need a couple new shirts and garments at a year though. And not right now but sometime in the future will you send me a package with powdered tide in it? And the guy I baptized would like English scriptures with his name on it. He would be willing to pay. Yes I am very happy, mom! I just wish I knew Portuguese, it's hard to learn.

We are working hard, we're teaching about 6 or 7 people right now. Hopefully we will have a few baptisms soon. The week was good we just have got a lot of news and taught a lot of lessons so that's good. We are working very hard, walking alot and my shoes are fine and holding up good. But I've just accepted the fact that my whole body is going to hurt for two years straight. But it's alright, I use ibuprofen. But ya I'm loving it here! It was a good week.

Be safe, you guys. I love you!

Elder Pellegrini

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's getting hot! October 31st!

Dear family,

(Questions from Mom in parentheses)(Do you think you'll still be in Campos for Christmas?) I don't know, it will be the start of a new transfer and i wont have a trainer anymore so idk but probably i will still be in Campos. (How is the work going?) The work is really hard we don't teach very many lessons and we really only teach progressing investigators and those numbers don't get passed on to the mission. So the zone leaders look at us and think were not doing any work when we really are. It sucks.

Oh, before I forget, why didn't Dad email me this week? Yes I will send pictures of my apartment next week promise. Elder Hansen is doing good. He is working so hard you wouldn't think he was going home in 2 transfers. Um the language is pretty difficult, but it's alright. I went on a division with a Brazilian this week, which was way cool. He is so funny and short. But we could communicate pretty well so that's cool. (How do you pronounce your Mission President's name?)You pronounce his name Ah ra ooh ju, but this last ju is like a shoe mixed with a jew. It's the only thing I could think of to explain it, sorry. It's hard communicating ya but it's alright. His (the mission president's) weekly emails are in all Portuguese so I have to ask Elder Hansen what's going on. Elder Santos Sousa during our division had to call him (the mission president), I told him, hey tell him (the mission president) I love him. He did (Elder Sousa)and then the next day he (the mission president) called Elder Hansen for something. Before he hung up he was like "hey tell Elder Pellegrini I love him... o and I love you too, Elder Hansen". haha.

Yes please send two copies of the Ensign for us. We are excited for it and the Liahona special Book of Mormon edition. I don't know if you can even do that, but if you can. (Do you have a CD player) No I don't have a CD player, but I can get one, and my speakers broke too ha. It sucked. Oh and my pants ripped and a button fell off the back pocket and they're my favorite pants. Looks like I'm going to get good at sewing haha. Oh and I would love the CD's of conference please. I love you guys.

So this week has been long and hot and disappointing. We aren't really getting anywhere with our investigators right now, which sucks. But all we can do is pray and have faith that the Lord is going to help us be able to touch their hearts.

So I was the hottest I've ever been this week. Ever in my entire life! It's getting into summer here and it's just getting hot! You have to ask for water at every house or else you will die. Elder Hansen took a lady's hose from her to use on his head. it was hilarious, but his head was dry in like 2 seconds. Well it's a new transfer 1 down 15 to go haha not counting. eu te amo meu familia. Have a great week and I will talk to you next week.

Elder Pellegrini

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things are great!

Dear family,

Well it has been a good week here. We have been working hard and having terrible numbers, but it's alright. We don't really know what's going on, but for some reason we just can't teach lessons. But it is alright. We have another baptism set up for this week, so that's good.

I ate a mango for the first time yesterday and Elder Hansen found out how to eat them with out making a mess. Elder Hansen had to give a talk in church, thank goodness it wasn't me. I would have been done for.

We had this crazy homeless guy walking next to us yelling, We're in Bazil- PORTUGUESE!" one night. It was funny, but scary at the same time. There are alot of homeless people here and its pretty sad.

My time with Elder Poh was good. I'm thankful for my companion ha. I woke up this week with a huge moth thing on my face. I was freaking out. I made eggs for Elder Hansen last night they were pretty good I think. I've been getting eaten alive by mosquitos lately. It's killing me ha. I'm pretty tan already too most definatly more tan than lecia haha. That's a challenge. I have a pretty bad watch tan already.

O our schedule is we wake up at 6:30 work out for thirty minutes by writing in our journals and reading the Liahona then at 7 we get up shower and eat and get ready for the day. 8 personal study 9 companionship study and 11 language studay 12 is lunch always with a member if not they give us money. 1 we go to work until 9:00 we get home plan then at 9:30 I write in my journal, read the Liahona scriptures then go to bed. thats our day usually.

We arent really teaching anyone right now which sucks. We need to find people idk what's going on. But we're baptizing, so that's cool. I'm really blessed. I'm in a rich area where the food isn't weird. I get beans and rice, pasta - oh the pasta sauce is ketchup, no big deal haa um ya its good though. Oh, so this week I asked a member where he got his hot sauce cause I wanted to buy some and he just gave it to me so cool.

Yes I told Dad happy birthday and I loved my box. If you haven't sent my box yet will you put in it the scripture mastery cards in English and basically anything you think I would like please and Happy birthday Kyle. I remembered I'm good haha. well have a good week love all of you. Oh and here are some photos:

from Elder Pellegrini

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Baptism

Dear family

It's also been a crazy week here. We had zone conference on Monday. Which was cool. We had good lunch and I got my box. Thank you so much! We worked really hard this week. Oh we got 2 baptisms. It was so crazy. We taught him on Friday and challenged him to be baptized on Saturday and he accepted. So I baptized him then he baptized his daughter on Sunday. It was so crazy, it was awesome. We are going on a division this week, so i get to travel a lot is what that means. I will go to Quissima and Elder Hansen will stay there till the next day, and I'll come back to Campos with Elder Poh and we will work here till the next day when we have district meeting.

I loved my box it was like the best thing ever. Oh before i forget I would like to thank everyone that wrote me. Josh, Landon, Danielle, Elise, D Rau! Thank you, I'm writing you back today.

But ya we have had a good week, which like Dad was telling me, we will probably have a bad week this week. Ha! A lot of ups and downs ha. But ya there really isn't much going on here. Just working hard trying to learn Portuguese. Well I really don't have much to say. I'm sorry I'm a letter writing failure. I will make sure to make next week's email a lot better. I love you all! God bless you.

Elder Pellegrini

O one story There is a little boy in our ward that loves me. His name is Joao Lucas. Elder Hansen asked him if he liked him. He said, "Nao eu gousto a outro elder mais". Which in English means "no I like the other elder more". Ha but Elder Hansen thinks everyone else in the ward loves him more.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Dear Mom,

This week has been a rough week. We had probably the worst numbers in the mission. We clapped doors all week and didn’t get in anywhere. Walked for miles it seems like. Elder Hansen kept telling me dude look at it this way in 4 months I’ll be sitting on your couch drinking Mt. Dew. I was like, “This isn’t helping, ha ha! Oh, he has been thinking about being an elementry school principal. We had a really bad week. Maxwell’s mom won’t let him be baptized. That sucks! We fasted and prayed that his mom would loosen her heart to let him be baptized.

We had the best lunch ever on Sunday. I was like, this is amazing, I ate just a little because after you fast you can’t eat very much. Then they were like, “wow Elder you basically eat nothing”. I took it as a challenge, so I ate a full second plate, then they brought out the best pudding I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Then a taxi driver gave us a ride home because we were missionary’s. We thought he was a member, but he wasn’t, he just loves God.

Speaking of God, Elder Hansen told me Brazilians love 3 things: God, Soccer and Beer and they all go together. I don’t know how, but i guess they do. Um accept the people who added me they are members from the ward. (Matt has been getting friend requests on FB from Brazilian people, I didn’t know what he wanted to do about it.)
We’re teaching Maxwell. He is good. My feet are holding up and we are going to start taking more photos this week. My package is here i should get it today when i see President Araujo. I met a guy last night from Canada, he wants to keep his English good so we’re going to talk with him. He is so funny, he is a member. This ward I’m serving in, everyone speaks English, so it’s hard to learn Portuguese. haha But it’s coming along. I just keep trying. There is a mail strike, this happens a lot apparently.

But ya I’m doing great. I am loving it here in Campos. It’s so hot and the mosquitos eat me alive. Tell Jourdyn I said hi. Tell Daniel I love him and that I hope he is doing great. I love you guys and hope you have a great week. Oh, I weigh 260 now. I remember I weighed myself in Tessa’s bathroom, I weighed 310. That’s crazy, but I love it.

Love you guys -- have a great week im praying for you.

Elder Pellegrini

Monday, October 3, 2011

First full week as a missionary!

October 3, 2011


The first session of conference was in Portuguese so I understood everything perfectly! Just kidding, didn’t understand a thing! Me and Elder Tanner’s (Matt’s MTC companion) areas are right next to each other, so we sat by each other and talked about our first two weeks in Campos. It was funny, he ate cow foot. Said it was disgusting. Then we watched the next 3 sessions in English in the family history center. Which was good. I didn’t get to watch priesthood session so when you guys get the Ensign will you send it to me?

We are teaching a few people. The only one with a date is a boy named Maxwell. He is really cool and can speak English. So I bore my testimony to him in English about the Book of Mormon. It was really cool. The girl I challenged to baptism, her mom won’t let her be baptized. She says she already has a religion. Well it’s ok someday she will hopefully be baptized.

When I first got to our apartment I thought it was so ghetto. But then it grew on me. So that’s good. I like it a lot. It’s got a big kitchen and 3 rooms. I don’t know why it has 3 rooms it’s only me and Elder Hansen. Ha!

I’m doing good. I’m trying to realize the Lord’s hand in my life and realize the Spirit and what it’s telling me to do. It’s hard to get used to. I’m trying really hard though.

But this week has just been a normal week. We have just been working hard. I had mashed potatoes and gravy yesterday. It was good. We just walk a lot. I wore a long sleeve shirt yesterday, it was all that was clean, and I sweated so much. But it was alright. I am loving it here and loving the people. Oh, Elder Hansen wants me to tell you that his birthday is on November 12, just fyi. Well I hope your week is good.

Love you guys,

Elder Pellegrini

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Letter from Vitoria

September 26, 2011

Dear Mom,

Well, first off I’m in Rio de Janero in a city called Campos. It is 5 hours away from Vitoria by bus. It was pretty exciting and I’ll share my first day experience. I woke up at 4:45 to get ready and weigh my bags. We took the bus to go to the airport. We got to the airport and I called you. Then I got on the airplane fly to Vitoria. It took 1 hour; they fed us breakfast, which was weird. I was like - the plane flight is an hour long – freak! We landed and we walked off the runway and in to the airport. In the airport were four missionaries waiting for us. Elder Hill, Elder Leo and Elder Barr and one other. I can’t remember his name. They were smiling. I was like- “thank you”. People don’t smile in the MTC. It’s a depressing place! But Elder Hall is from Lindon, Utah; Elder Barr from Texas; and Elder Leo is from Brazil somewhere, but was born in Italy. He speaks Portuguese, Italian and English, crazy. But then we drive to a chapel where we wait outside for like 10 minutes and then the doors open and out walk 5 trainers and the Mission President and his wife. We all hug, and we have no clue who our trainers are, but anyway we go in to a meeting, we get our mission credit cards and all this stuff and then we eat lunch. Lunch is amazing here! I’m in love with it! I can’t get enough. We secretly plan our day out so we are at member’s houses at night time, because they love to feed us.

But anyways, then we have interviews with President. He speaks little to no English, but he asked me, “Elder Pellegrini, are you keeping the commandments?” I said, “Yes”. “Is there anything you need help with?” I said, “No”. “OK, I’ll see you in Campos on the 12th of October for zone meeting”. OK, then we found out where our areas are. I’m in Campos. It’s in the very south of our mission. Me and Elder Tanner are pretty close. He is right across the bridge from me. Then we go to the bus station. We are told not to tell anyone where we’re going. I was like alright. Then we got in to a huge group of missionaries and started yelling the mission song, which is pretty cool. But then they announce the trainers and new missionary companionships.

Elder Hansen is my new companion. He is from Southern California - Moreno Valley- he is pretty cool! But he goes to some gay college in Southern Utah, it’s called like some gay name. I think its Southern Utah University. Ya, he goes to SUU. He went there my senior year in high school. Crazy right? But anyways, he only has 3 transfers left, so I told him to come to your house for Sunday dinners.
Our house is ghetto, but I’ve learned to love it! We have a ward here. It is pretty nice. The members are awesome, except a guy told me yesterday he was going to gut me if I didn’t learn Portuguese soon. All we do is walk by the way. I’ve taken one bus and that was coming to Campos. We walk everywhere except we are in a rich ward and we get a lot of rides too. I got one blister this week, no big deal!
I love everyone I meet here. We have been teaching a lot i guess. I don’t know what a lot is, but we clap doors a lot. We had no investigators when we got here and we had to start from nothing. We didn’t have a ward list, we didn’t have any numbers and I don’t know Portuguese. That’s a problem!

Mail can’t come to the house. It goes to the mission home and every time we have a zone conference or something I get it. The reason Elder McBarron lives really close to Vitoria like 5 minutes, so he just gets it when ever. Dad I watched your thing loved it and thank you love you guys! Talk to you next week! Keep reading and loving the gospel!!!!


Elder Pellegrini

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 14, 2011

Dear family,

Well, last P-Day at the MTC. It is pretty crazy, but I’m excited to be out of here. Well you asked some questions so here are the answers:

1. Elder Tanner is pretty cool. He is a really fast learner, unlike me. So I’m struggling, but it’s OK. We are finally getting good at teaching together and now in 6 days we won’t be together anymore.

2. The people in my district are:

a. Elder Furrows - Roberts, Idaho
b. Elder Brown - Salt Lake City
c. Elder Tanner - Seattle
d. Elder Litchfeild - Oregon
e. Elder Hill - Bayside, California

3. I leave on Tuesday, sometime in the morning. I find it out on Monday in an all Portuguese meeting. So we will see how that goes. Oh, also I don’t want to get mine or your hopes up or anything, but you might be receiving a call from me early Monday morning.

4. I play volleyball everyday I dominate it pretty much.

5. (What do you do on P-Day?) We go to the temple, we go to the candy store, we go to the post office, that’s about it.

6. My branch president is President Woffinden. He is from Orange County and he is pretty cool. He is on his 3 year of a 2 year mission call (mom note: I wonder if that is the 2nd year of a 3 year mission call).

7. I really like the people who left 2 weeks ago that’s where Elder Clive was and he is super cool. He goes to BYU. But I also like the district who got here right after us, they are awesome.

8. What I would like is a journal just like the one i have now for notes and stuff during like firesides, and a flash drive to put all my pictures on just in case my camera gets stolen, and candy, oh, and my fake wallet please. I don’t really need anything idk.

Oh will you guys go to missionties and change my address to the Vitoria place and please send me some letters, cause I really do love to hear from you guys. I haven’t heard from you guys in 2 weeks, it was pretty rough. (Matt is answering questions from a letter I sent him this week – I think they lose track of time in the MTC), but i love to hear from Lecia and KC. Sorry I haven’t had time to write back. But I will soon and please keep sending them, I love to hear from you. But mom, will you send me those pictures of everyone the day I left for the MTC with Landon and Lecia and all those. I think you can do it through mission ties. Please pray for me a lot, I need it. I have prayed so much here. I love you guys so much. I miss you, but I know I need to be here. I know I’ve been called by a prophet of God, and I know God has me here right now for a reason and that is to teach the gospel. Oh, I finished the Book of Mormon this week, it was good. I have been praying a lot and I’m excited to go to the field. I love you guys. Stay safe please and remember to pray!


Elder Pellegrini

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

Dear family,

So p day was changed to Tuesday this week because of Brazil Independence Day, so I didn’t get an e-mail. But that’s cool; I’ll just tell you about my week. On Saturday we got to teach real members from the wards around the CTM, that’s crazy, right? It was so hard, but so awesome at the same time, I loved it.

Well on Sunday the boy who got his leg cut off in our mission was in the CTM with his family. They bore their testimony and it was so good. Then I got a chance to talk with them afterwards. I bore my testimony, probably the last time I will in English for two years, that’s cool.

After church we ate lunch I went upstairs and I took like a 30 minute nap and Elder Clive woke me up. So I was going to take a shower, I was walking to the bathroom with my shirt off and only shorts on and my branch president walked around the corner. It was pretty awkward. He was just like, “Hey Elder Pellegrini, can we talk?” I was like, “Yaaa… just let me put a shirt on”. So I did and we talked. He told me since Elder Matthew’s was leaving and there was no AP, Elder Furrows would be made AP and he wanted me to be the new district leader. So I accepted. I didn’t really have a choice, haha! But I am happy about it. It should be a good experience. We are almost out of the CTM. Two weeks from today, that’s crazy! In 4 days I will have my call for 8 months! That is ridiculous. It seems like just yesterday I opened my call and i was sitting there freaking out about going to Brazil. Now I’m here.

Well mom like 2 e-mails ago you said you were going to send me a letter with a scripture in it. I never got it. I don’t know if you sent it or not. Well what is going on at home? This next Monday we are going proselyting around the CTM and then on the next Friday we are going proselyting in downtown Sao Paulo. It’s crazy, I don’t know anything I’m going to be done for. Ha! Elder Matthews and them left today and their teacher went with them to the airport and apparently he saw Justin Beiber. He is doing a concert in Rio and Porto Allegre this weekend. So Lecia met the prophet. I’m jealous. I leave on a mission, then he comes to Cedar. Its whatever! Well have a good week!


Elder Pellegrini

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The View from Matt's Room

Matt's Room

Matt's Desk

Elder Pellegrini and Elder Spackman

CTM Laundry Room

MIssionaries Going to Vitoria

Elder Pellegrini and Elder Obama

August 31, 2011

Ok, well, the letters this week took 8 days and I have 2 and a half weeks left. I'm so excited to leave, even though I don't know any Portuguese, ha!

Well I need to tell you this before I forget. A missionary from Vitoria with 2 months left is in Sao Paulo this week because he was jumping on a moving train and got his leg cut off. I won't be doing that. I started the BOM when I got here I'm in Helaman right now. I'm not reading very fast, but I'm getting there.

We went to Rodizio's today. It's like Tacano's. IDK, that's what everyone tells me at least. Well this week has been fun. Learning the language is rough, but o well. Our district and Elder Matthew's district sang prelude in devotional last night, it was good. Today we went to the temple.

Our Brazilian roommates are already gone and no, the missionary's who are going to Vitoria already left. They're all Brazilians. Has Matt Blue got his mission call yet? And oh, I thought of something else you could send me. A flash drive when you send my boxes to Vitoria. I got my box this last week. Thank you so much. I loved it. Everyone was jealous. Oh and the companion of the kid who got his leg cut off was a greenie. It was Carl Spencer, the one I knew. But I am happy that everything is going good back home. I love you guys and have a great week!


Elder Pellegini

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Mom,

Okay, so I'm sorry that everyone knows who I am and needs me to write them to feel accomplished in life. Ha,just kidding, that was a joke so I hope I get a letter back. No I don't think Elder Bennion is coming back. He wrote me a letter basically telling me to come home. So I just threw it away.

Our district has 6 people pretty normal size here but they're all kinda cool. Me and 3 others from our district live in a room with 2 Brazilians. They're pretty cool. We went campiens temple? (Mother comment: I believe that is Matt using Portuguese). That's not spelled right. It was so cool, it was huge! I think the temple is so much cooler now that I'm on a mission.

I think it's funny you found two books you also bought me. I kinda laughed. I'm only 3 weeks away from the mission field and I still can't speak the language. Even a little. I am not losing weight. I'm not worried about it, all we do here is sit around in class all day. I'm starting to feel sick. I think I have a cold. Let's hope not. But it gets freezing at night sometimes and freezing during the days at other times. I don't know what it is. Crazy but it's alright. I need a little cold before I go to a place where it won't be cold for 2 years.

Oh so I need to clean my suit before I leave the MTC stay. I need to know how much money I have in my account again. I'm sorry I'm so needy. So next e-mail will you please send me Paul's email address I would love to e-mail him. And second I'm really needy. I hate asking you for things, but will you call Brady Payne and tell him to stop being a bum and write me, or get me his address so i can write him. And also ask him for Rustin's mom's number. Rustin is my friend who is serving a mission in Tokyo Japan right now. I would love to write him, but didn't get his address. Will you send that to me too please.

So this week has been fun. We just study the language. We got a new book to learn Portuguese. It's pretty ridiculous what missionary's get excited about. We thought they were so cool. So I read two really cool talks this week. They were called "A Call to the Rising Generation" by Brent H. Nielson and also "Be Ready" by President Henry B. Eyring. You should look them up and read them. Well what else is there to talk about. The language is really tough. but I know I can do it. I'm not scared. I just don't know if I'll be able to speak when I leave the MTC.

How are things back home? Are Brevin and LE doing good? What about Lecia? How is her school going? Oh, Dear Elder (a letter writing website) takes a long time, like 2 weeks and also Mission Ties is starting to take a little longer. I don't know what's going on. But,I'm not complaining. Well, I love you guys!

Till next week,

Elder Pellegrini

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th,


OK, so first off Elder Matthew's number is 801 226 2072 and if its that's not it its 220 i can't read his writing, sorry. Ya you should call them and say thanks and write a note to Elder Bennion's mom. Elder Tanner is officially my comp. He is pretty cool, but he is sooo good at Portuguese, way better than me. So it's hard for me to get a word in in our lesson. The language is way hard too. I can't seem to get it even how hard I try. I don't know, I don't think I have been putting enough in to it. I will try harder though and report next week.

So I went to the temple today. I love it so much. The Sao Paulo temple was the first temple in Latin America. I heard a story of members from all around Brazil saved up all their money and gave it to the church for the temple and one guy who had almost nothing gave everything he had and is now filthy rich. Note to self: give all your money to the church.

My teachers are Irmão Mello and we don't know who the other one is right now. We are in between teachers at the moment. I write in my journal every day. It's pretty hard to talk about the MTC not very exciting. I sent pictures home last week so hopefully you get it soon. I also sent Brevin's and Lecia's present. Oh, may I have Paul's e-mail please? Just send it to me through mission ties. And tell dad I love him and I am sending Lecia and Tessa an email right now also. Oh and Jenna's email and one more thing will you have KC write me a letter about how he is doing through mission ties?


Elder Pellegrini

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10th Letter

(Note from Lisa:  Sorry we missed his second letter.  We were in Oregon.  Here is letter #3.  He is doing much better and feeling less homesick.)

Dear Family,

It's been good since last Wednesday. I'm a lot better now.  Elder Sheppard gave me a blessing that night. He and Elder Matthews talked to me mad me feel a lot better. Elder Sheppard is from northern Idaho. Elder Matthews is from Provo.  He went on a mission a year ago and went home then came back out.  I'm so blessed he is here right now. I love him. He is going to Recife and Elder Sheppard is going to Manaus.  They are basically my best friends here and are really good friends with my district.

Things I need:

1.  Pocket reference for missionarys 
2.  The books that are called  "Missionarys Little Book of ..." 
You know,  they're at Deseret Book.  Please send them. I would love to read them.   Thursday was freezing cold all day and the food was terrible.  (Note:  We gave Matt instructions to be descriptive about everything, so there are alot of descriptions of food in this e-mail). We have a pretty cool gym time.  We play a lot of volleyball and run a little. I have the sweetest view, you will see in the pics i sent home today.  I also sent Lecia and Brevin's package.  Mom, will you write me through mission ties and tell me how much money I have right now in my account?

I met someone who knew Henry Sorenson. He teaches at SUU I guess.   Kinda cool, we were pretending to give a lesson on the first meeting and Irmao Anderson, one of our teachers, was pretending to be the investagator and he goes, "So you can't even drink one glass of wine?" and Elder Tanner, my new comp, goes "Well that was a different time." We just all laughed.

Well the food here is terrible! All the Brazilians say it's nothing like the actual Brazilian food. I'm kinda happy about it. Well it's offical,  I miss lecia! I wish I would have taken my time before my mission more seriously. I miss Brevin and LE too. But who doesn't?  You could live right next door and miss them. But I miss everyone alot.  But it's ok. I'm where I'm supposed to be!

So I live on the 7th floor of the MTC.  It sucks, but i'll be looking good soon. So I pray a lot now.  I pray every time for my family to be safe and that they will know I love them! I hope you pray for me too. So on Thursday they had soup in the cafeteria.  It smelled somewhat like Mom's chicken noodle soup, so i got some.  No joke, first bite. I bit a huge wish bone. I was mad. Elder Drake always makes jokes like... "hopefully you don't find a bone in that..." I was like,  "I hate you!"

I bore my testimony on Sunday. Afterwards, all the wives of our leaders came up to me and hugged me and said their glad I'm still here! I told them I am too!  I love those moments when the Spirit flows into you.  I feel like you know you're in the right place.

Elder Bennion went home.  So it's Elder Furrows and Elder Brown.  Now we get 2 new missionarys today from Provo in our district.

Answers to questions from people:
1. What surprised me about the MTC?  How chill it is.  We don't do very much here. It's not bad, but we don't really have a lot of class its weird.

2. The language is definitely harder. It's kind of just annoying everything is either female or male it just gets annoying.

3. The desserts in the food court are quite terrible, except the cake I had yesterday, and choclate ice cream bars. But every night we have snack --  it's chocolate milk-- so good!

4. My favorite part of my mission so far is how much I get to read the scriptures. It's so fun to do by yourself.
5.Travelling was pretty bad,  but ok at the same time.  I accidently watched Rio on the plane. I don't know how it happened.

Tessa:  I got both your letters.  Thank you so much! I love hearing from you.
Jenna:  You can send me a package.  If I had a choice of what the contents would be, I would like dill pickle sunflower seeds, peanut butter and sour patch kids
Paul, Jenna and Lecia:  Thank you for your letters. 
Dad: I sent you a letter today and I sent a letter to the house. It's for Kaden. Please deliver it to him thank you very much.

Mom:  I love you and tell Bishop Holman I'll try to email him next week.  I'm sorry I don't have too much time!


Elder Pellegrini

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This week was hard i only have 23 minutes so one email to everyone i had a ruff week, alot of homesickness. But I'm starting to get over it.  I went to the Sao Paulo temple today.  It was amazing!  It was like that was the first time I went to the temple it felt like it any way.

Well I have 2 companions.  Elder Furrows and Elder Tanner.  Furrows is from Idaho.  He is a hick, hard core.  Elder Tanner is from Washington.  I've only met elders from like Washington, Oregon and California,  a few from Utah and Idaho, one from Tennesse. In our district we have 5 people.  The other two are Elder Bennion and Elder Brown.

Well Tessa, I love you!   I have to put it in this email because the internet sucks so bad here I don't trust it enough to send two emails.   The food is alright. I have used alot of zantec, haha.  I can't send pictures in the MTC.  I might print some off and send them idk. Mom,  will you tell the family about missionties it gets letters here quicker and i love letters.

Well serious now, I was feeling really homesick this week. I cried a few times. I'm a sensitive soul,  I'll be strait up ha!  But then last night we listened to a talk by Elder Holland and he told us that the road to salvation is never easy. the Savior's life wasn't easy, why would ours be? I felt the spirit so strong at that moment it was the first time I felt the spirit here.  It was awesome! I love the Savior for what he did for me! I love you guys too, except I only got 2 letters this week from shelly and dad.  This sentence was for Paul because Paul believes missionary's shouldn't get letters. 

But anyways,  I went to the temple today. On the way there I saw some interesting stuff:

1 favelas (slum)
2 drug deals strait up it was hilarious
the cops turn there lights on on the side of the road to take a smoke

I don't feel nearly as homesick now that I've been out in Sao Paulo.  My teachers names are irmao which is portuguese for brother. I was thinking the first few days that there are alot of people here with the first name irmao. I live on the top floor which says six but is really seven. A lot of walking up and down everyday. I love it..... not really. Our district is a small district and we all live together. There are alot of dogs barking all night long and there are parties outside all night long on Saturday and Sunday. We haven't gone out to the store yet today. Our district is trying to read the BOM before we leave.   We prob won't do it, but we're trying. Well I will talk more next week, write me your questions so i can write a summary for my email, cause the internet sucks.   Mom, I love you; family, i love you and miss you! Read Joshua 1:9.

Elder Pellegrini

Matt's first Letter - Not an e-mail

Dear Family,

Well I just want to say that I live on the 6th floor, which is really the 7th.  The language is crazy.  Everyone speaks Portugese always (even the Americans).  I have a blue sticker on my name tag that says I'm new so everyone knows I can't speak any of the language.  I learned the word "descuipa" today, which means "pardon me", which I use alot because I'm even BIGGER here.  I know, crazy!!  O, BTW, Mom, "reals" is pronounced "hey-ows"  which is singular and "hey-eyes" is plural (it's confusing).

The plane ride was good.  I got really sad at the Cedar City airport, but then when I was in Dallas I read Helaman 5:14-26 and I felt comfort come over me.  When I was on the plane the lady sitting next to me said she felt great comfort come over her when getting on the plane and she now knew why.

But anyways, I'm in a companionship with two other elders.  One's name is Elder Furrows, he is from Idaho Falls and is pretty cool.  He is also going to Vitoria.  He has a girlfriend.  He was just talking about her so that's why I put that in.  My other companion is Elder Tanner.  He is from Seattle, Washington.  He is pretty cool.  He is also going to Vitoria.  We room with Elder Bennion and Elder Brown the only one not going to Vitoria is Elder Brown.  He is going to Sao Paulo North.  The MTC is in his mission.

The MTC is sweet!  The food is weird, but alright.  We had pizza night tonight.  It was good, but not as good as Dad's.  The airplane sucked.  I am too big.  Oh, they sell peanut butter here, but it's twelve reals.  So please send me some.  Also flipflops or slippers.  Like those ones I got for Christmas would be perfect, but it's no big deal. 

I love it here.  I have an amazing view from my window.  Having a blast!  I can't take pictures here though.  So I'll get you some soon. 

 Love you,

Elder Pellegrini

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Proof he arrived!!! What a great group!!!!

Photos from the morning he left!

Elder Pellegrini's Farewell Talk

The closing speaker at a stake conference was a General Authority. He had talked for about ten minutes when all of a sudden, from way back in the chapel, came a five-year-old boy strolling down the aisle. The boy was all dressed up by his mother for the occasion in gray slacks, a white shirt, and a red bow tie, and his hair was sticking up in the air with a lot of "greasy kid stuff." This dapper young man came down the aisle and stopped right in front of the pulpit. He looked up at the speaker and said, "You talk too loud." Then he turned around and went back to his mother.
Now the speaker hoped there would be no further interruptions. But, lo and behold, after fifteen minutes there came the boy walking down the aisle again, and he stopped for the second time in front of the speaker. This time, he looked up and said, "And you talk too long."
The speaker, however, did not react and continued to finish his talk. Then there was a beautiful congregational closing hymn and the benediction to finish the meeting, followed by the usual socializing and shaking of hands. The mother of the five-year-old boy also came to the stand and said, "Elder, I hope you did not pay too much attention to my five-year-old boy because he was only repeating what other people were saying."
Brothers and Sister I hope that we don’t have an experience similar to this today.
3 Nephi 15:9
Behold, I am the law and the light. Look unto me and endure to the end, and ye shall live for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life
I have been asked about enduring to the end today.
In 2 Nephi 31 as Nephi talks about enduring to the end he tells us that we endure to the end once we have been baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. In order to do this we must first have faith in Jesus Christ and that faith must lead us to repentance. So in my mind this means that in order to be at the point in our spiritual progression to endure to the end we must be members of the church.
The church is here on the earth to help us endure to the end. It helps us learn to become more like Jesus Christ and helps us to put off the natural man and become saints through the Atonement of Christ the Lord. The Church has given us a 3 fold mission that if we focus on will help us become more like the savior they are:
1.       Perfecting the Saints
2.       Redeeming the dead
3.       Proclaiming the gospel
Perfecting the Saints
Here is a story that is from April 2010 General Conference President Monson’s talk.
Two weeks ago I received a touching letter from a father of seven who wrote about his family and, in particular, his son Jason, who had become ill when 11 years of age. Over the next few years, Jason’s illness recurred several times. This father told of Jason’s positive attitude and sunny disposition, despite his health challenges. Jason received the Aaronic Priesthood at age 12 and “always willingly magnified his responsibilities with excellence, whether he felt well or not.” He received his Eagle Scout Award when he was 14 years old.
Last summer, not long after Jason’s 15th birthday, he was once again admitted to the hospital. On one of his visits to see Jason, his father found him with his eyes closed. Not knowing whether Jason was asleep or awake, he began talking softly to him. “Jason,” he said, “I know you have been through a lot in your short life and that your current condition is difficult. Even though you have a giant battle ahead, I don’t ever want you to lose your faith in Jesus Christ.” He said he was startled as Jason immediately opened his eyes and said, “Never!” in a clear, resolute voice. Jason then closed his eyes and said no more.
His father wrote: “In this simple declaration, Jason expressed one of the most powerful, pure testimonies of Jesus Christ that I have ever heard. … As his declaration of ‘Never!’ became imprinted on my soul that day, my heart filled with joy that my Heavenly Father had blessed me to be the father of such a tremendous and noble boy. … [It] was the last time I heard him declare his testimony of Christ.”
Although his family was expecting this to be just another routine hospitalization, Jason passed away less than two weeks later. An older brother and sister were serving missions at the time. Another brother, Kyle, had just received his mission call. In fact, the call had come earlier than expected, and on August 5, just a week before Jason’s passing, the family gathered in his hospital room so that Kyle’s mission call could be opened there and shared with the entire family.
In his letter to me, this father included a photograph of Jason in his hospital bed, with his big brother Kyle standing beside the bed, holding his mission call. This caption was written beneath the photograph: “Called to serve their missions together—on both sides of the veil.”
Jason’s brother and sister already serving missions sent beautiful, comforting letters home to be shared at Jason’s funeral. His sister, serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission, as part of her letter, wrote: “I know that Jesus Christ lives, and because He lives, all of us, including our beloved Jason, will live again too. … We can take comfort in the sure knowledge we have that we have been sealed together as an eternal family. … If we do our very best to obey and do better in this life, we will see [him again].” She continued: “[A] scripture that I have long loved now takes on new significance and importance at this time. … [From] Revelation chapter 21, verse 4: ‘And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.’”
We need to try to be perfect in all that we do, but no one is perfect we are all going to mess up, that is the reason that the Atonement was necessary. That’s why I’m so thankful for the atonement in my life for what Jesus did for us in Gethsemane and he died for us on the cross at Calvary so that we could return to live with our father in heaven.  We need to have faith in God, and remember that no matter what obstacles we have we will be able to overcome them with his help we need to find ourselves on our knees more getting a better relationship with our father in heaven because he loves us and he wants to be a part of our lives, he wants to help us get back to him we just have to let him help us, and let him in to your heart through prayer.
Redeeming the dead
                Elder Dallin H. Oaks once said
We should understand that in the work of redeeming the dead there are many tasks to be performed, and that all members should participate by prayerfully selecting those ways that fit their personal circumstances at a particular time. This should be done under the influence of the Spirit of the Lord and with the guidance of priesthood leaders who issue calls and direct the Church-administered portions of this work. Our effort is not to compel everyone to do everything, but to encourage everyone to do something.
We are blessed to have a temple so close to us, only a forty minute drive, and we can easily spend at least one afternoon a month there, if not more.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland recalled seeing the importance of the temple to some saints. He said:
The Punta Arenas Chile Stake is the Church’s southernmost stake anywhere on this planet, its outermost borders stretching toward Antarctica. Any stake farther south would have to be staffed by penguins. For the Punta Arenas Saints it is a 4,200-mile round-trip bus ride to the Santiago temple. For a husband and wife it can take up to 20 percent of an annual local income just for the transportation alone. Only 50 people can be accommodated on the bus, but for every excursion 250 others come out to hold a brief service with them the morning of their departure.
Pause for a minute and ask yourself when was the last time you stood on a cold, windswept parking lot adjacent to the Strait of Magellan just to sing with, pray for, and cheer on their way those who were going to the temple, hoping your savings would allow you to go next time? One hundred ten hours, 70 of those on dusty, bumpy, unfinished roads looping out through Argentina’s wild Patagonia. What does 110 hours on a bus feel like? I honestly don’t know, but I do know that some of us get nervous if we live more than 110 miles from a temple or if the services there take more than 110 minutes. While we are teaching the principle of tithing to, praying with, and building ever more temples for just such distant Latter-day Saints, perhaps the rest of us can do more to enjoy the blessings and wonders of the temple regularly when so many temples are increasingly within our reach.
I hope that everyone realizes how much of a blessing it is to live so close to a temple, and I hope you will take advantage of it as much as possible because I know that people in the spirit world are being blessed for the work were doing here on this earth today and that they will come to you in the second coming and thank you for what you did for them giving them a chance to receive their sacred ordinances.
Proclaiming the Gospel
Elder David A. Bednar
In our customary Church vocabulary, we often speak of going to church, going to the temple, and going on a mission. Let me be so bold as to suggest that our rather routine emphasis on going misses the mark.

The issue is not going to church; rather, the issue is worshipping and renewing covenants as we attend church. The issue is not going to or through the temple; rather, the issue is having in our hearts the spirit, the covenants, and the ordinances of the Lord’s house. The issue is not going on a mission; rather, the issue is becoming a missionary and serving throughout our entire life with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength. It is possible for a young man to go on a mission and not become a missionary, and this is not what the Lord requires or what the Church needs.

Thomas S. Monson said
To all the young men of the Aaronic Priesthood and to you young men who are becoming elders: I repeat what prophets have long taught—that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a mission. Missionary service is a priesthood duty—an obligation the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much. Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary. Keep yourselves clean and pure and worthy to represent the Lord. Maintain your health and strength. Study the scriptures. Where such is available, participate in seminary or institute. Familiarize yourself with the missionary handbook Preach My Gospel.
A word to you young sisters: while you do not have the same priesthood responsibility as do the young men to serve as full-time missionaries, you also make a valuable contribution as missionaries, and we welcome your service.
When I first decided to serve a mission I was alright at reading my scriptures every day praying morning and night but if you’re preparing to serve a mission you need to set these things as a priority. Like Elder Bednar said the best thing you can do to prepare to become a missionary is to become a missionary long before you go you can’t just get your call not read your scriptures pray once a while you need to live the life of a missionary I try to do this daily by reading my scriptures by myself in the morning or at night. I read talks from past general conferences I love the gospel my testimony has grown a large amount over the past five months I love this church I love my family I love all my friends that have been great examples to me over this past five months and over my life time I’m grateful for my parents serving a mission and showing me the way the lord wants me to live my life. I’m grateful for my brother he is my best friend and truly the best example I have I want to be just like him I hope that I can be as good of a missionary as he was. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.