Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Dear Mom,

This week has been a rough week. We had probably the worst numbers in the mission. We clapped doors all week and didn’t get in anywhere. Walked for miles it seems like. Elder Hansen kept telling me dude look at it this way in 4 months I’ll be sitting on your couch drinking Mt. Dew. I was like, “This isn’t helping, ha ha! Oh, he has been thinking about being an elementry school principal. We had a really bad week. Maxwell’s mom won’t let him be baptized. That sucks! We fasted and prayed that his mom would loosen her heart to let him be baptized.

We had the best lunch ever on Sunday. I was like, this is amazing, I ate just a little because after you fast you can’t eat very much. Then they were like, “wow Elder you basically eat nothing”. I took it as a challenge, so I ate a full second plate, then they brought out the best pudding I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Then a taxi driver gave us a ride home because we were missionary’s. We thought he was a member, but he wasn’t, he just loves God.

Speaking of God, Elder Hansen told me Brazilians love 3 things: God, Soccer and Beer and they all go together. I don’t know how, but i guess they do. Um accept the people who added me they are members from the ward. (Matt has been getting friend requests on FB from Brazilian people, I didn’t know what he wanted to do about it.)
We’re teaching Maxwell. He is good. My feet are holding up and we are going to start taking more photos this week. My package is here i should get it today when i see President Araujo. I met a guy last night from Canada, he wants to keep his English good so we’re going to talk with him. He is so funny, he is a member. This ward I’m serving in, everyone speaks English, so it’s hard to learn Portuguese. haha But it’s coming along. I just keep trying. There is a mail strike, this happens a lot apparently.

But ya I’m doing great. I am loving it here in Campos. It’s so hot and the mosquitos eat me alive. Tell Jourdyn I said hi. Tell Daniel I love him and that I hope he is doing great. I love you guys and hope you have a great week. Oh, I weigh 260 now. I remember I weighed myself in Tessa’s bathroom, I weighed 310. That’s crazy, but I love it.

Love you guys -- have a great week im praying for you.

Elder Pellegrini

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