Monday, June 25, 2012

Trying to repent!

Not Matt, me (his Mom).  I am repenting from not posting letters.  So here is his last week's letter:

Dear Family,

Well I'm doing good here in Brazil.  It is very cold,  Not during the day, but during the night it gets kind of cold. We are doing great in Linhares. We baptized this week and it was awesome. They were elects. They got married and baptized on the same day and we had a cake for them and everything, it was awesome! They loved it. She cried.  Her name is Miriam and his is Arqulino.  He is 23 years old and she is 54. So just a little bit of age difference right? But that's alright. 
We walked alot this week.  Talked with alot of people.  We did a contact with a person from the church called, "God is love".  It's very different.  They always yell, "o amen jesus yes yes".  It was quite funny. And we taught a lady who doesn't have faith. She just believes in the bible and told us that we need to rethink our church because she knows our church is false. I'm losing alot of weight and it rained here so much this week it was ridiculous.  I never thought it would stop, but it did. 
This picture I attached is me practicing for life mom. But I have to go I don't have much time. I love you guys.  I will send a bigger email next week sorry and love you guys. Bye!
Elder Pellegrini