Monday, December 10, 2012

Still in Gloria!!!!!

Well, Mom.   I'm so happy to hear you guys are doing great.  We are doing just great here in this area.  We are loving life. I'm glad to hear the family still knows who I am and they're thinking about me.  That's good. But I don't have very much time to think about you guys.   Sorry, ha, but we are having a great time here in Gloria ward I'm loving it.

We are going to have a baptism this next Saturday of a young woman.  Her name is Thayna.  She is way awesome.  She went to church for the first time last week and then yesterday she went to church again.  It's so awesome to see the change in people.  We visited her for the first time not this last Saturday, but the Saturday before.  But we invited her to church and she went but then she told us she doesn't like to wear dresses.  So we were like that's totally fine, its just important you go to church.  So she went then we visited her this week she said that she had bought a dress and that she knew that the Book of Mormon is true and she wanted to be baptized!!!!!  Well,  we marked a date for this Saturday. I say that this work that I'm doing is hard, but it's so worth it.  Because I know that God loves each and everyone of his children.  I know Christ lives and this church is true!

We are working hard here it is ridiculously hot here in Vila Velha this time of year. We are going to know about transfers this next week.  It should be good.  Me and Elder Tavares are working really hard. I'm excited for Christmas to see you guys I love you guys so much. I'm excited to see Brevin,  Lecia and  L.E. Hey ask everyone to prepare questions for me. But I'm doing great here.   Love you guys!

Elder Pellegrini