Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conference Weekend

Dear Family,

How are you doing?

Well Mom, this week was good.  We are having a great time here in Gloria.  Conference was great! There are a lot of young women here who are really excited about the age change to the missionary thing. We were really uplifted by conference this weekend.  I loved it. I was thinking a lot about how we always used to watch it.

We are not having very much success here in the area right now.  But we are trying our hardest. The members love us. We are so lucky.  We have a member in the ward that every time she sees us she says "I will cry when you guys leave".  So this week after lunch one day I cleaned all the dishes I told her not to tell my Mom because my Mom will ask why I never cleaned them at home!  \

We are working hard. We are fasting and praying really hard for the work to go forth here in the ward that we are in. This week we had a division with the zone leaders. They are Elder Pombeiro and Elder Litchfeild.  Me and Elder Litchfeild are from the same group so that was cool.

It has been getting really hot here in the day.  I was really blessed last year because I was in Guarapari during the winter and Guarapari is like right next to the ocean. But now I'm not and there isn't an ocean breeze here. But mom the member that loves me and says she will cry when I leave says you need to learn Portuguese at least a little so you can speak with her when you get here and I will teach her English a little bit.

But this is about everything this week  I  love you guys  Keep on the hard work at home!

Elder Pellegrini