Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things are great!

Dear family,

Well it has been a good week here. We have been working hard and having terrible numbers, but it's alright. We don't really know what's going on, but for some reason we just can't teach lessons. But it is alright. We have another baptism set up for this week, so that's good.

I ate a mango for the first time yesterday and Elder Hansen found out how to eat them with out making a mess. Elder Hansen had to give a talk in church, thank goodness it wasn't me. I would have been done for.

We had this crazy homeless guy walking next to us yelling, We're in Bazil- PORTUGUESE!" one night. It was funny, but scary at the same time. There are alot of homeless people here and its pretty sad.

My time with Elder Poh was good. I'm thankful for my companion ha. I woke up this week with a huge moth thing on my face. I was freaking out. I made eggs for Elder Hansen last night they were pretty good I think. I've been getting eaten alive by mosquitos lately. It's killing me ha. I'm pretty tan already too most definatly more tan than lecia haha. That's a challenge. I have a pretty bad watch tan already.

O our schedule is we wake up at 6:30 work out for thirty minutes by writing in our journals and reading the Liahona then at 7 we get up shower and eat and get ready for the day. 8 personal study 9 companionship study and 11 language studay 12 is lunch always with a member if not they give us money. 1 we go to work until 9:00 we get home plan then at 9:30 I write in my journal, read the Liahona scriptures then go to bed. thats our day usually.

We arent really teaching anyone right now which sucks. We need to find people idk what's going on. But we're baptizing, so that's cool. I'm really blessed. I'm in a rich area where the food isn't weird. I get beans and rice, pasta - oh the pasta sauce is ketchup, no big deal haa um ya its good though. Oh, so this week I asked a member where he got his hot sauce cause I wanted to buy some and he just gave it to me so cool.

Yes I told Dad happy birthday and I loved my box. If you haven't sent my box yet will you put in it the scripture mastery cards in English and basically anything you think I would like please and Happy birthday Kyle. I remembered I'm good haha. well have a good week love all of you. Oh and here are some photos:

from Elder Pellegrini

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