Monday, October 17, 2011

First Baptism

Dear family

It's also been a crazy week here. We had zone conference on Monday. Which was cool. We had good lunch and I got my box. Thank you so much! We worked really hard this week. Oh we got 2 baptisms. It was so crazy. We taught him on Friday and challenged him to be baptized on Saturday and he accepted. So I baptized him then he baptized his daughter on Sunday. It was so crazy, it was awesome. We are going on a division this week, so i get to travel a lot is what that means. I will go to Quissima and Elder Hansen will stay there till the next day, and I'll come back to Campos with Elder Poh and we will work here till the next day when we have district meeting.

I loved my box it was like the best thing ever. Oh before i forget I would like to thank everyone that wrote me. Josh, Landon, Danielle, Elise, D Rau! Thank you, I'm writing you back today.

But ya we have had a good week, which like Dad was telling me, we will probably have a bad week this week. Ha! A lot of ups and downs ha. But ya there really isn't much going on here. Just working hard trying to learn Portuguese. Well I really don't have much to say. I'm sorry I'm a letter writing failure. I will make sure to make next week's email a lot better. I love you all! God bless you.

Elder Pellegrini

O one story There is a little boy in our ward that loves me. His name is Joao Lucas. Elder Hansen asked him if he liked him. He said, "Nao eu gousto a outro elder mais". Which in English means "no I like the other elder more". Ha but Elder Hansen thinks everyone else in the ward loves him more.

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