Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10th Letter

(Note from Lisa:  Sorry we missed his second letter.  We were in Oregon.  Here is letter #3.  He is doing much better and feeling less homesick.)

Dear Family,

It's been good since last Wednesday. I'm a lot better now.  Elder Sheppard gave me a blessing that night. He and Elder Matthews talked to me mad me feel a lot better. Elder Sheppard is from northern Idaho. Elder Matthews is from Provo.  He went on a mission a year ago and went home then came back out.  I'm so blessed he is here right now. I love him. He is going to Recife and Elder Sheppard is going to Manaus.  They are basically my best friends here and are really good friends with my district.

Things I need:

1.  Pocket reference for missionarys 
2.  The books that are called  "Missionarys Little Book of ..." 
You know,  they're at Deseret Book.  Please send them. I would love to read them.   Thursday was freezing cold all day and the food was terrible.  (Note:  We gave Matt instructions to be descriptive about everything, so there are alot of descriptions of food in this e-mail). We have a pretty cool gym time.  We play a lot of volleyball and run a little. I have the sweetest view, you will see in the pics i sent home today.  I also sent Lecia and Brevin's package.  Mom, will you write me through mission ties and tell me how much money I have right now in my account?

I met someone who knew Henry Sorenson. He teaches at SUU I guess.   Kinda cool, we were pretending to give a lesson on the first meeting and Irmao Anderson, one of our teachers, was pretending to be the investagator and he goes, "So you can't even drink one glass of wine?" and Elder Tanner, my new comp, goes "Well that was a different time." We just all laughed.

Well the food here is terrible! All the Brazilians say it's nothing like the actual Brazilian food. I'm kinda happy about it. Well it's offical,  I miss lecia! I wish I would have taken my time before my mission more seriously. I miss Brevin and LE too. But who doesn't?  You could live right next door and miss them. But I miss everyone alot.  But it's ok. I'm where I'm supposed to be!

So I live on the 7th floor of the MTC.  It sucks, but i'll be looking good soon. So I pray a lot now.  I pray every time for my family to be safe and that they will know I love them! I hope you pray for me too. So on Thursday they had soup in the cafeteria.  It smelled somewhat like Mom's chicken noodle soup, so i got some.  No joke, first bite. I bit a huge wish bone. I was mad. Elder Drake always makes jokes like... "hopefully you don't find a bone in that..." I was like,  "I hate you!"

I bore my testimony on Sunday. Afterwards, all the wives of our leaders came up to me and hugged me and said their glad I'm still here! I told them I am too!  I love those moments when the Spirit flows into you.  I feel like you know you're in the right place.

Elder Bennion went home.  So it's Elder Furrows and Elder Brown.  Now we get 2 new missionarys today from Provo in our district.

Answers to questions from people:
1. What surprised me about the MTC?  How chill it is.  We don't do very much here. It's not bad, but we don't really have a lot of class its weird.

2. The language is definitely harder. It's kind of just annoying everything is either female or male it just gets annoying.

3. The desserts in the food court are quite terrible, except the cake I had yesterday, and choclate ice cream bars. But every night we have snack --  it's chocolate milk-- so good!

4. My favorite part of my mission so far is how much I get to read the scriptures. It's so fun to do by yourself.
5.Travelling was pretty bad,  but ok at the same time.  I accidently watched Rio on the plane. I don't know how it happened.

Tessa:  I got both your letters.  Thank you so much! I love hearing from you.
Jenna:  You can send me a package.  If I had a choice of what the contents would be, I would like dill pickle sunflower seeds, peanut butter and sour patch kids
Paul, Jenna and Lecia:  Thank you for your letters. 
Dad: I sent you a letter today and I sent a letter to the house. It's for Kaden. Please deliver it to him thank you very much.

Mom:  I love you and tell Bishop Holman I'll try to email him next week.  I'm sorry I don't have too much time!


Elder Pellegrini

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