Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th,


OK, so first off Elder Matthew's number is 801 226 2072 and if its that's not it its 220 i can't read his writing, sorry. Ya you should call them and say thanks and write a note to Elder Bennion's mom. Elder Tanner is officially my comp. He is pretty cool, but he is sooo good at Portuguese, way better than me. So it's hard for me to get a word in in our lesson. The language is way hard too. I can't seem to get it even how hard I try. I don't know, I don't think I have been putting enough in to it. I will try harder though and report next week.

So I went to the temple today. I love it so much. The Sao Paulo temple was the first temple in Latin America. I heard a story of members from all around Brazil saved up all their money and gave it to the church for the temple and one guy who had almost nothing gave everything he had and is now filthy rich. Note to self: give all your money to the church.

My teachers are Irmão Mello and we don't know who the other one is right now. We are in between teachers at the moment. I write in my journal every day. It's pretty hard to talk about the MTC not very exciting. I sent pictures home last week so hopefully you get it soon. I also sent Brevin's and Lecia's present. Oh, may I have Paul's e-mail please? Just send it to me through mission ties. And tell dad I love him and I am sending Lecia and Tessa an email right now also. Oh and Jenna's email and one more thing will you have KC write me a letter about how he is doing through mission ties?


Elder Pellegrini

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