Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

Ok, well, the letters this week took 8 days and I have 2 and a half weeks left. I'm so excited to leave, even though I don't know any Portuguese, ha!

Well I need to tell you this before I forget. A missionary from Vitoria with 2 months left is in Sao Paulo this week because he was jumping on a moving train and got his leg cut off. I won't be doing that. I started the BOM when I got here I'm in Helaman right now. I'm not reading very fast, but I'm getting there.

We went to Rodizio's today. It's like Tacano's. IDK, that's what everyone tells me at least. Well this week has been fun. Learning the language is rough, but o well. Our district and Elder Matthew's district sang prelude in devotional last night, it was good. Today we went to the temple.

Our Brazilian roommates are already gone and no, the missionary's who are going to Vitoria already left. They're all Brazilians. Has Matt Blue got his mission call yet? And oh, I thought of something else you could send me. A flash drive when you send my boxes to Vitoria. I got my box this last week. Thank you so much. I loved it. Everyone was jealous. Oh and the companion of the kid who got his leg cut off was a greenie. It was Carl Spencer, the one I knew. But I am happy that everything is going good back home. I love you guys and have a great week!


Elder Pellegini

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  1. Oh, I love Matt :) I'm so proud of him for being so positive! It certainly isn't an easy situation, but I know he'll come home strong and full of the Spirit!