Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Mom,

Okay, so I'm sorry that everyone knows who I am and needs me to write them to feel accomplished in life. Ha,just kidding, that was a joke so I hope I get a letter back. No I don't think Elder Bennion is coming back. He wrote me a letter basically telling me to come home. So I just threw it away.

Our district has 6 people pretty normal size here but they're all kinda cool. Me and 3 others from our district live in a room with 2 Brazilians. They're pretty cool. We went campiens temple? (Mother comment: I believe that is Matt using Portuguese). That's not spelled right. It was so cool, it was huge! I think the temple is so much cooler now that I'm on a mission.

I think it's funny you found two books you also bought me. I kinda laughed. I'm only 3 weeks away from the mission field and I still can't speak the language. Even a little. I am not losing weight. I'm not worried about it, all we do here is sit around in class all day. I'm starting to feel sick. I think I have a cold. Let's hope not. But it gets freezing at night sometimes and freezing during the days at other times. I don't know what it is. Crazy but it's alright. I need a little cold before I go to a place where it won't be cold for 2 years.

Oh so I need to clean my suit before I leave the MTC stay. I need to know how much money I have in my account again. I'm sorry I'm so needy. So next e-mail will you please send me Paul's email address I would love to e-mail him. And second I'm really needy. I hate asking you for things, but will you call Brady Payne and tell him to stop being a bum and write me, or get me his address so i can write him. And also ask him for Rustin's mom's number. Rustin is my friend who is serving a mission in Tokyo Japan right now. I would love to write him, but didn't get his address. Will you send that to me too please.

So this week has been fun. We just study the language. We got a new book to learn Portuguese. It's pretty ridiculous what missionary's get excited about. We thought they were so cool. So I read two really cool talks this week. They were called "A Call to the Rising Generation" by Brent H. Nielson and also "Be Ready" by President Henry B. Eyring. You should look them up and read them. Well what else is there to talk about. The language is really tough. but I know I can do it. I'm not scared. I just don't know if I'll be able to speak when I leave the MTC.

How are things back home? Are Brevin and LE doing good? What about Lecia? How is her school going? Oh, Dear Elder (a letter writing website) takes a long time, like 2 weeks and also Mission Ties is starting to take a little longer. I don't know what's going on. But,I'm not complaining. Well, I love you guys!

Till next week,

Elder Pellegrini

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