Thursday, July 28, 2011

This week was hard i only have 23 minutes so one email to everyone i had a ruff week, alot of homesickness. But I'm starting to get over it.  I went to the Sao Paulo temple today.  It was amazing!  It was like that was the first time I went to the temple it felt like it any way.

Well I have 2 companions.  Elder Furrows and Elder Tanner.  Furrows is from Idaho.  He is a hick, hard core.  Elder Tanner is from Washington.  I've only met elders from like Washington, Oregon and California,  a few from Utah and Idaho, one from Tennesse. In our district we have 5 people.  The other two are Elder Bennion and Elder Brown.

Well Tessa, I love you!   I have to put it in this email because the internet sucks so bad here I don't trust it enough to send two emails.   The food is alright. I have used alot of zantec, haha.  I can't send pictures in the MTC.  I might print some off and send them idk. Mom,  will you tell the family about missionties it gets letters here quicker and i love letters.

Well serious now, I was feeling really homesick this week. I cried a few times. I'm a sensitive soul,  I'll be strait up ha!  But then last night we listened to a talk by Elder Holland and he told us that the road to salvation is never easy. the Savior's life wasn't easy, why would ours be? I felt the spirit so strong at that moment it was the first time I felt the spirit here.  It was awesome! I love the Savior for what he did for me! I love you guys too, except I only got 2 letters this week from shelly and dad.  This sentence was for Paul because Paul believes missionary's shouldn't get letters. 

But anyways,  I went to the temple today. On the way there I saw some interesting stuff:

1 favelas (slum)
2 drug deals strait up it was hilarious
the cops turn there lights on on the side of the road to take a smoke

I don't feel nearly as homesick now that I've been out in Sao Paulo.  My teachers names are irmao which is portuguese for brother. I was thinking the first few days that there are alot of people here with the first name irmao. I live on the top floor which says six but is really seven. A lot of walking up and down everyday. I love it..... not really. Our district is a small district and we all live together. There are alot of dogs barking all night long and there are parties outside all night long on Saturday and Sunday. We haven't gone out to the store yet today. Our district is trying to read the BOM before we leave.   We prob won't do it, but we're trying. Well I will talk more next week, write me your questions so i can write a summary for my email, cause the internet sucks.   Mom, I love you; family, i love you and miss you! Read Joshua 1:9.

Elder Pellegrini

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