Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

Dear family,

So p day was changed to Tuesday this week because of Brazil Independence Day, so I didn’t get an e-mail. But that’s cool; I’ll just tell you about my week. On Saturday we got to teach real members from the wards around the CTM, that’s crazy, right? It was so hard, but so awesome at the same time, I loved it.

Well on Sunday the boy who got his leg cut off in our mission was in the CTM with his family. They bore their testimony and it was so good. Then I got a chance to talk with them afterwards. I bore my testimony, probably the last time I will in English for two years, that’s cool.

After church we ate lunch I went upstairs and I took like a 30 minute nap and Elder Clive woke me up. So I was going to take a shower, I was walking to the bathroom with my shirt off and only shorts on and my branch president walked around the corner. It was pretty awkward. He was just like, “Hey Elder Pellegrini, can we talk?” I was like, “Yaaa… just let me put a shirt on”. So I did and we talked. He told me since Elder Matthew’s was leaving and there was no AP, Elder Furrows would be made AP and he wanted me to be the new district leader. So I accepted. I didn’t really have a choice, haha! But I am happy about it. It should be a good experience. We are almost out of the CTM. Two weeks from today, that’s crazy! In 4 days I will have my call for 8 months! That is ridiculous. It seems like just yesterday I opened my call and i was sitting there freaking out about going to Brazil. Now I’m here.

Well mom like 2 e-mails ago you said you were going to send me a letter with a scripture in it. I never got it. I don’t know if you sent it or not. Well what is going on at home? This next Monday we are going proselyting around the CTM and then on the next Friday we are going proselyting in downtown Sao Paulo. It’s crazy, I don’t know anything I’m going to be done for. Ha! Elder Matthews and them left today and their teacher went with them to the airport and apparently he saw Justin Beiber. He is doing a concert in Rio and Porto Allegre this weekend. So Lecia met the prophet. I’m jealous. I leave on a mission, then he comes to Cedar. Its whatever! Well have a good week!


Elder Pellegrini

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