Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Photos and a Letter

Dear family and friends,

Hey I'm happy you guys have had a good week. We have too out here in Campos. We went on a division with the traveling assistants this week. It was pretty cool. Elder Hall and Elder Leo. I went with Elder Hall. He is cool, he is from utah too. We taught a lot this week and it has also been really hot here in campos but windy.
So I'm enjoying it here, having fun teaching with the members.

This week was Elder Hansen's birthday. So we went out to eat and the members had a surprise party for him. It was pretty hilarious. We are just trying to work as hard as week can right now. We are teaching a girl right now and the people are talking bad about the church to her. i]It bugs me when people say things that aren't true about the church, but it's alright everything will work out.

We went out this morning and got bread for breakfast we are making it a p day tradition. No they didn't have Halloween here. Ya we're going to have a way good Thanksgiving dinner -- rice and beans! Yes i am getting dad's letter. I get a bunch of letters at once, usually when the zone leaders go to Vitoria. But President is coming down next week, so I'll get some then. (The next question is a response to my question -- How are we going to talk at Christmas?) We will talk through Skype and will find out like a week before. I'll tell you through email when I will be able to call you guys. If you want you can make me a Skype account. Name it like Elder Pellegrini.

My clothes aren't falling off me but they are huge on me but it's no big deal. I'm not worried about it. I'm probably going to need a couple new shirts and garments at a year though. And not right now but sometime in the future will you send me a package with powdered tide in it? And the guy I baptized would like English scriptures with his name on it. He would be willing to pay. Yes I am very happy, mom! I just wish I knew Portuguese, it's hard to learn.

We are working hard, we're teaching about 6 or 7 people right now. Hopefully we will have a few baptisms soon. The week was good we just have got a lot of news and taught a lot of lessons so that's good. We are working very hard, walking alot and my shoes are fine and holding up good. But I've just accepted the fact that my whole body is going to hurt for two years straight. But it's alright, I use ibuprofen. But ya I'm loving it here! It was a good week.

Be safe, you guys. I love you!

Elder Pellegrini

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