Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm catching up!

I'm sorry for the huge gap in posts. Tony was injured the day after Thanksgiving and we have been recuperating ever since. Now I'm trying to catch up! So here's Nov. 21st's letter:


FIRST!!!!! Paul this is the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my entire life what is this. (In response to a photo of Paul with an attempted mustache). SECOND more important than first is -- Happy Birthday Lecia this week I hope it is good.

Well this week has been good. It is very cold here i use a blanket at night still. But it does get very hot in the day. I just sweat so much like my entire shirt is just wet all the time. It's pretty disgusting. But ya, we have been doing good we are going to start focusing on references from members. Preach My Gospel really says that is the way to true membership in the church. So that's good.

We had a good week. We went on a division with the zone leaders so that's cool. Oh, interesting fact, Elder Jones aka Rustin went on a division with the ap in his mission. Joel Einfelt from Cedar (they are serving in Japan). Rustin told me I'm famous all over the world. Which is funny I think because it's true! You can tell I'm studying humility in Preach My Gospel. I'm probably the most humble missionary ever haha.

Well we moved our house around because the old room was so hot. So we moved our bed into the study room and put the study room in the other one and now its freezing in the study room in the mornings! I've lost alot of weight. My belt is starting to be too big. So I might buy a new one. Oh my ring is starting to not fit on my finger anymore. I'm just trying to get a good image of how skinny I am now. It's crazy to think that it's already Thanksgiving. It's going by so quick I love it out here though. Oh I saw a huge truck it wrecked into a house.

Well I had a great week here. Is there anything in my box that is for before Christmas? Because I think I will get my box tomorrow mom. That is a long time to wait. hahaha But I will do it ´´try´´. (He's talking about not opening his Christmas box until Christmas). I love you guys have a good week.

Elder Pellegrini

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