Monday, January 23, 2012

Dec. 19, 2011

Dear Mom and family,

Well it has been a long week here. Having a companion that doesn't speak your native tongue is hard. I can communicate a lot more than I thought I would be able to. But I still can't just be myself in Portuguese yet. So it's hard. But it's fine. We made some goals yesterday to help us. He wants to learn English and I have no choice but to learn Portuguese. So we are going to work together.

Um this week has been good, we basically have the biggest area ever. It's 3 cities and we walk everywhere. It's insane. I've been to Vitoria and back 3 times this week. It's good because I get to sleep on the bus. So one of our goals is to read the Book of Mormon in the language we're learning together 15 minutes before bed. Last night at 10 o'clock my companion got in the shower and I was like, "Oh, I'll just take a quick nap and wake up for scripture study. Well I closed my eyes and then next thing you know its 6:30 a.m. I am tired all the time, but it's OK, it's good.

Oh so this week we had a really interesting lunch we go to this guys house and first of all it's ghetto as all get out and 'yelling his name and yelling. He isn't home because the lock on the door is on the outside of his house, so we sit there and wait and wait and he finally gets there and he is like sorry I've been gone for a few hours. We were like its fine so we go in and the food is just sitting out and we were like oh that's great. There are flies all over his house and its disgusting. Then he starts to make this salad thing and its just getting ridiculous. He is cleaning silver wear with dirty rags off the ground and all that and then he is is like here let me clean the cups and my companion just yells NO!!! it's fine. BUt he cleans the plates, he drops the rag in dirty water and pulls it out and is like no problem no problem. It was really just disgusting. I didn't eat very much, but then that night we had the branch party and it was really fun. I met all the members and they're all really nice.

It's funny, we're the only missionaries within like 45 minutes and now that I'm not somewhere where everyone knows all the missionaries everyone compliments my Portuguese. Now that everyone doesn't know Elder Tanner haha. I'm loving it down here. It's not very hot where I am and the ocean is sick. We're going to baptize a kid on Christmas. He used to watch porn and he is 9 years old. It's just crazy. When I was 9 years old I didn't even know what that was.

I will call at 6:30 my time and I will use my Skype account. I will have an hour to an hour and half. President actually said, "When I called my son on his mission we talked for way longer than an hour. As long as your not focused on your family, you can talk for however long."

Things are going along great with my new comp. He has only been a member for about two years and he is cool. He is crazy though. He told me he is kinda crazy because he drank a lot before he was a member. People are a lot more accepting here like in Campos. It was good to teach 5 lessons a day this week. One day we taught 10 lessons. So ya, it's a lot easier to teach. I don't know who we're teaching to be honest with you. My companion knows.

Church is a lot less hectic here than it was in Campos. You don't have kids running around screaming their lungs out here. I like it alot more. Oh, this week at the Christmas party I sang Silent Night in English and the next day during gospel principles class it was my turn to read and the teacher turns to my companion and says does he know how to read. I was like yes I know how to read haha. He was like sorry you just sang in English yesterday I didn't know ha. No we don't live with anyone, just us. Oh my companion knows magic its pretty cool.

Well, talk to you guys on Sunday. Love you guys!

Elder Pellegrini

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