Monday, January 23, 2012

Dec 5th -- This one's out of order. Sorry!

Dear Family and friends,

I'm so glad that Dad is alright. At the same time I'm very sorry to hear about Jordan. Please tell his parents I will pray for them. I know he is in a better place now though.

We have had a good week here in Campos. We have been working hard and it's the last week before the transfers. I think that I'm going to be transferred, but you never know. Transfers are on Tuesday, but next week we have a mission party in Vitoria, so we will all go up there we will probably hear about transfers on Saturday. If you get transferred you pack and bring all your stuff to the Rodiviaria ```Bus station´´ and then they call out all the zones and the zone leaders and then they call out the missionary's names and announce what zone they're in. Then they go to their zone leaders and they say what area you're going to and who your companion is. Just from a paper President gives them.

I'm doing good though. We had stake conference this week. On the Saturday afternoon priesthood leadership session and we went. When elder hansen and I got there the member of the 70 walks around the corner and shook our hand. We were the first people to see him and he shakes our hands and asks us where we were from. I said Utah. He was surprised he thought i was Brazilian. Because of my last name, not my Portuguese haha. But it was good fun and President came down and he is afraid I'm losing too much weight. He told me if I lose too much I will have to go home. I'm down to a neck size 16. Crazy, right! I'm just losing a ton of weight.

We had dinner at a member's house last night. He is in the stake presidency. We had way good lunch and I made the brownies I got so good. So basically Elder Tanner is fluent in Portuguese already. I am guessing he is going to train a new American next transfer. Just my guess though. But how are you guys doing? I'm happy Lecia cried about my gift for her. I'm excited to talk to you guys at Christmas. I think that I will call at 5 o'clock my time. If I don't get transferred.

I got my package and it is doing good on the ground not being touched. (Amusing since the brownie mix he mentions making was in the box). Well love you guys! I hope you have a good week. Please let Sharon know I love her and I'm praying for her.


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