Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dec. 13th

Dear Mom,

Well I'm not in Campos anymore. I am in Guarapari. It is a beach city. It is in the zone of Vilha Vela and it is sick. Well I'm not with Elder Hansen anymore, I'm with Elder Andrew don't let his name fool you, he is Brazilian and doesn't speak English.

Transfers were yesterday, along with the mission party. It was fun. An Elder had his parents there and they were just chilling. It was pretty fun Elder Tanner got transferred to the farthest part of the mission. I'm now only like an hour at least from Vitoria. It's pretty good here. We have a good house better than my last. I'm very sad to say I had to open my Christmas presents early. Because I couldn't carry them wrapped in my bags. I'm sorry. Not my fault. But thank you so much for everything. I loved it all and I will cherish it. But anyway we left a babtism in Campos for the next elders and we were in a lesson when Elder Dance called Elder Hansen. He was like, "hey what's up?" Then you just hear Elder Hansen say, "No, no, no way man!" I was like, "What happened?". He was like, "the entire zone got transferred!" Which it really did. Eleven out of 14 missionarys got transferred.

We all got a tie from President for Christmas and Elder Furrows gave me a huge thing of peanut butter because his trainer was going home and his parents came to get him and they brought peanut butter and he couldn't carry it all. So that was cool,

I'm so tired. We didn't leave Campos till 3 am on Monday and I didn't sleep at all. So last night was the first night I got a good night sleep in like 3 days. I'm in an all Brazilian district. I went up to President after. I was like, "President what is this? I'm in an all Brazilian district. There must be a mistake." He was like, "No, there is no mistake here!" ahhh alright President.

In our zone of Vilha Vela we have a choclate factory where you go and pay 10 dollars you go on a tour of the factory and you eat as much choclate as you want. Elder Hansen says it's amazing. I'm loving it here though. It's flat city and the way Elder Andrew explained it was he looked in all different directions saying the word beach in Portuguese which is praia. It was very funny. My entire group has Brazilian companions now except for Elder Furrows.

I'm going to set up a time and a place to Skype you guys this week. I'll let you know and I don't think I'll be able to get on and try it. We will just have to pray that it works. I'll try to get on and try it though. Are you sure the time change is that small? I think it's larger. idk though. I just want to make sure it's going to be all set up right. Look up the time change.

Idk what im doing for Christmas. Working probably and hopefully eating well. We had such good food yesterday oh man! Turkey was so good, it reminded me of home. The teaching is going good. I hope it goes better now i'm with a Brazilian learn some more Portuguese and progress.

I am very happy. I woke up this morning just scared about how I can't communicate with my companion. But we do fine. It takes a little while, but we get there. But I am very happy. You will see on Christmas. The weight is great. I'm 250. That means I've lost 60 pounds. Which is neat. My neck is small and I need a new belt. This one is too big just fyi.

love you guys. I'm loving it here. Have a great week. Find out that time change and stuff. Love you, Mom!

Elder Pellegrini

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