Monday, January 30, 2012

New Companion - Elder Santana

Dear Mom,

So I wasn’t robbed just FYI. My companion’s name is Elder Santana and I’m not senior thank goodness or trainer but Elder Furrows and Elder Tanner are that’s cool. Ha I’ve learned to tell the truth Mom. Ha no I’ve lost 70 pounds on my mission now haha no I’ll be fine (Matt lost his wallet last week). But yes I love him (Elder Santana) he is sick (evidently in a good way)!

We got a bus back from Vitoria and I paid for the bus and put my wallet back and then when we got home I was like lets order a pizza so we did and then when I went to grab my wallet to pay I was like where is my wallet and so Elder Guyn had to pay. It was funny, but sad, so we called the member who gave us a ride. I think when I put my wallet back in my pocket I thought I did, but it was really just on the seat. We went back, but the guy said no there was no wallet found.

Ok well this week has been very good and difficult and interesting and sucky all at the same time but that is alright. My new Comps name is Elder Santana He is from Sao Paulo the state not the city. He is 21 and has been on a mission for a year today actually so that’s cool. The work is going good we found 10 new investigators this week so that is good and the branch is good they are really helping a lot more now with one more dupla and Elder Santana being new haha it will be good. They are feeding me alright the other day for lunch all i had was rice and beans it was interesting. Yes the weather is still hot I think once the weather cools down a little bit I will start gaining weight back haha.
Elder Andrew is now a zone leader in Vitoria but ya he likes it I think. Yes I am hearing from my friend’s haha. Well my new comp is awesome he is in the army which is kind of cool he loves cars he loves maple syrup he loves American football and he would rather play basketball than soccer its proof God really does know who should be companions haha. He is teaching me a lot. He has a girlfriend. It’s funny you can tell that she is like that girl with my space pictures haha. O and idk what’s up but apparently my companion is beautiful and every girl in the ward wants him. So now everyone has references. I was like we just need more beautiful people haha. Well that’s about it we have an investigator who is like the cat lady with like 40 cats it’s funny.
Well I love you! Till next week,

Elder Pellegrini

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