Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 23, 2012

Dear Mom,
I’m very sorry. I forgot my camera, but next week I will send a ton of photos with me and my new companion. Elder Andrew was transferred, but I wasn’t. So I’m getting a new companion tomorrow. That should be fun.

Well I’m going to answer your first question right now idk growing up in Utah is a really sheltered place like idk here where I am its normal for a 14 year old girl to be pregnant and for people to just live together and not be married. So I really understand now why the gospel is so important in peoples lives, I really didn’t understand before my mission but I’m glad that I’m able to see it and understand now.

And what else has changed about me is I’m wearing my ring on a necklace now because I’m so skinny haha. This week i officially gave my first blessing in Portuguese. It was so crazy. I was nervous! I gave it to a lady who we are teaching that is elect. She smokes and drinks coffee though, so that sucks. But we are helping her stop. She just needs a testimony of Joseph Smith. She came to church twice so that’s cool. I take her cigarettes from her house. It’s funny. She is so cool! She is 69 years old. We have been working hard here in Gurarapari but we just need new investigators.

President is like burning people now. He emailed us today. People are just on a mission to see the world he told us. He is sending people home this week. He is very mad I guess. Good thing I’m working. We are just teaching that lady and she is good and Portuguese is coming alot better. I just sometimes get frustrated and it’s hard to speak, but that’s all. It is getting so hot to by the way. I never want to stop. I want to get in to people’s houses where it’s not so hot! But we are loving life out here. I burnt a tie here this week and that was fun (out six months) and this week will be good!

Love you guys bye,

Elder Pellegrini

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