Sunday, January 22, 2012

November 28th

Dear Mom,

Well this week has been good. We have just been working hard. We challenged two to baptism and they accepted, so thats good! One is a smoker and he didn't smoke at all yesterday. He is pretty cool. We are getting close to transfers and are excited to see what happens.

How is dad? What happened? This is why you don't allow the oldest of the group to ride in back. I hope he is doing alright. I am praying for him. Please let him know I'm praying for him.

Well this week has just flown by. I can't really remember anything that happened. We found a member drinking in an investigator's bar this week. That sucked so now his mom thinks that's what members do. They just drink and smoke even though it's against the Word of Wisdom.

Well Thanksgiving was good. We had a zone conference on that day and so we ate a little better than what we usually do. So I'm happy for that. But it was still rice and beans. Nothing like turkey. I hope this week has some more interesting stories for you guys. So have a good week.


Elder Pellegrini

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