Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2, 2012

Well it’s been a good week you would not believe how long it took us to find a lan house that had 2 open computers today. Well the week went well we didn’t get new missionaries in the house maybe at the transfer. But we had zone conference this week with 4 zones and that was fun. I had an interview with President just me and him it was really good. President challenged the missionaries to have at least 20 baptisms before next January. He said I know that if you try your hardest you will be able to and if you don’t baptize 20 you didn’t give your hardest. And sister Aarujo talked on faith and how through faith we can work miracles for the Lord in the mission field.

I got a letter from Dad and Aunt Marilyn that was good. I got the general conference on cd that was good too. O this week I found Settlers of Catan in Portuguese. It was funny. I took a picture. Oh well, the new year was fun there wasn’t anything to do and so we visited members houses. On Christmas we had a good lunch went to are apartment planned and went to a member’s house, then called you . We have found a few people mostly kids though it drives me crazy because I feel like I shouldn’t baptize children because they’re just going to go inactive and I don’t want to be the missionary who just baptizes a bunch of kids. I’m missing American food so much lately yesterday when we were walking I was daydreaming about American cheese haha and Taco Bell and Albertos haha and MT Dew. Oh we have 9 sisters in our mission they have the richest wards so they eat the best. Well that all there is really to say. Love you guys, bye!

Elder Pellegrini

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