Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Dear Family,
Well I’m just tired. That is how I will start my email. This week has been good. My 3rd transfer in Guarapari. It is pretty good here, but just a little bit hard. It’s like at Christmas time when you get all pumped up because you have been asking your parents for this present all year long and you think for sure you’re going to get it. And there is a box under the tree that is the same shape as the thing you want, but then on Christmas morning you open it up and it’s not the present at all, its actually pants. That’s how transfers are when you have been in a place for 2 transfers and you think for sure you will be transferred and you get the call that you’re staying in your area for another transfer. That’s what it is like haha.

Well this week was a little rough we didn’t teach as much as we wish we could have, but that’s alright. We will start it up again this week. We have not worked with our baptism. She lives in the other duplas (companionship) area now. But she missed church yesterday. She called and said she was going to Vitoria for something like medical work. I don’t know how to say it in English.

Well I’m glad that life is going good for you guys in Cedar. Tell Jeff (Middleton) to be careful and to heal up. How did it happen? (He’s referring to Jeff Middleton’s arm accident). Well what are you guys doing for spring break anything fun? Yes he had a district leader meeting so i worked with 2 other people this week; Elder Morgan and some Brazilian elder. (I asked him if he has had a chance to work with anyone but Elder Santana, his companion). I don’t know his name. But i love you guys have a great week and be safe.

Love you,
Elder Pellegrini

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