Monday, March 19, 2012

Mar 19, 2012

Dear Mom,

It has been a tough week. But don't worry i know you know that missionaries have rough times. I read a talk this week from the last mission president here in the Brasil Vitoria mission. He said that he prayed everyday for the missionaries to have difficult days weeks and transfers because when you have rough times you learn the most. I can truly say that this is true. I've had a rough 2 weeks or so and let me tell you when it is rough on the mission it is rough! It's hard to get out of bed at 6:30, I was going to bed at 9:45 every night because i was so tired. But every time you have a hard time God wants you to learn something. I don't really know what he wants me to learn yet but I am praying to find out. Maybe it is that he always has a plan for you.

This week was really special I will admit. It started out iffy. We had a zone conference Wednesday where President wanted to interview me because he thought I was depressed. But I told him I wasn't, because I'm not. I just am having a rough time with the Area. But then I think on Thursday or Friday we were walking down the street to work with the members not active list and I said to Elder Santana that we had already visited this house and the person moved away. He kept walking and we walked to the front of the house and he said you're right, this is the house where the person moved away. But when we turned around to walk back down the street, there was a lady walking towards us. She said, "you guys are the Mormons right?". And we just kind of looked at each other and she said, "Sorry, sorry. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". Then me and my companion were really confused and we said ya and she said, "Hey! My Mom wants to talk to you!" and we just thought in our head o great another person who just wants to talk about how our church is wrong and their church is right.

But we walked over to her house and she let us in and we sat down and she started to tell us a story about how she had watched the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" today and then after the movie she went to take a nap and we had walked down the street and her daughter yelled "Mom, Mom! The Mormons are walking down the street right now!" And she told her daughter to go call us over here. But she told us her story. She was baptized in our church 5 years ago and the Sunday she had to be confirmed she had a relative who was really sick in the hospital and so she couldn't go to church. When she went back the next Sunday the group that was there had closed. Groups here in Brasil close really easily. But anyways we started to teach them and they are just the best people ever! So happy about that! So we are teaching a family is what im saying. And we have another person who we're teaching who is a reference from a member and she is way good too and we got another reference yesterday of a member who's niece wants to be baptized. But ya other than that I'm doing good.

Yes Elder McBarron got transferred and Elder Kopetski is training again so that is good. The new missionary's name is Elder Christensen from Idaho he is cool. Yes I went to a chocolate factory. It was way cool. I ate 35 pieces. It was good but I felt sick after. It was pretty cool to see the chocolate factory. It's name is the Garoto. It's the only one in the world so that's pretty cool.

The mission president is good. Yes it is a lot better now that i can communicate with him and talk with him one on one without Elder Hansen. He is pretty cool. I always finish my letters to him with a President I love ya and a hug. We have had a good week we have a good week planned out for this week now and everything is going good. I will send you that other stuff in an other email I love you guys.

Elder Pellegrini

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